We're the perfect place for you to host your next shoot. We've got 700 sq ft of awesome space ideal for small and medium teams, so just let everyone in and get working on your piece de resistance! 

We're great for everything from fashion, via portraiture, to still life, whether it's commercial or personal. We're very well dressed so your clients will love it here and your team will be super comfortable. 


Opening Times

Opening Times: 
Monday - Saturday: 10 - 6
Sunday: 10 - 4


The prices are simple: 

We offer full days of 8 hours and half days of 4 hours (am and pm slots)

Full Day: £150

Half Day: £80

NOTE: Studio bookings are only confirmed once payment has been received.

Extras that are chargeable on the day are any damage or spoilage to the colorama backdrops at £10 per metre.


1x Bowens Gemini R 500W heads / 1x Bowens Esprite 
1x Octobox
1x Beauty Dish
2x Soft Boxes
2x Strip Soft Boxes
1x Snoot
4x Polyboard Boards
Sync cable
1x Fan
Rolling Rail

Hair & Makeup Area
Sofa Seating Area

a selection of coloured backgrounds (ask about availability when you book) 
remote radio trigger (Nikon, Canon + PC Sync) 
We're happy to recommend great rental facilities that deliver to our address if you require additional equipment.


Any damages will be invoiced and expected to pay

Where we are..

Cherry bomb Studio,

26 Morley House

Holborn Viaduct,




Contact Us

Message us with the dates that you are interested in or if you have any questions at all about our studio and we will get back to you within 24 hours with a reply.